"providing enrichment
with Imanjenation"

We can provide help to look after your pets while you are at work, away for the day or just when you need some extra cover while life events take over.

Let us come to your home and entertain your pets with mental stimulation games, cuddles, walks and general care and attention.

Avril & David

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Some information on our walks
Our dog walking services are bespoke and we will discuss with you fully, your dogs' needs in order to ensure a fun walk, with mental stimulation paramount.   

We recommend that puppies are left no longer than 4 hours per day.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that if you need to be away from home, you consider 2 visits (at least) per day.  We will draw up a plan that sees their morning and afternoons broken up with a lunch in between.  Short strolls, nosework and mental enrichment will be given in order for the time they spend alone to be as stress free as possible.  As they grow up, we will happily introduce them to group walks where they are appropriately socialised and rewarded.  We would not, however, include them on a full group walk until they are physically mature enough to do so (anywhere between 6 - 8 months depending on size).   

Group Walk
We have a morning group walk which suits dogs who are happy to be in the company of others.  Mental enrichment games will be played and some basic training to ensure that everyone understands they have to wait on each other - and us! and come back together when called!
Reactive* Dogs
We understand the stress and worry that having a reactive dog brings and are happy to walk your dog(s) individually, so that they can be given our full attention and have as calm and stress free a walk as possible.  We only use force free methods and will positively reinforce appropriate behaviours on our walks.  These walks currently take place in the afternoons.  
* Reactive can mean fearful of people, dogs, things in the environment, travelling or they just can't be bothered with company!

Entire Dogs
We are willing and able to take care of your "entire" dogs, ie un-neutered males and females. However, should your bitch be in season, playtime at home will be undertaken.  

  Feel free to contact us to discuss your pets needs.